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 Lekárenské LED kríže


Lekárenský LED kríž 40cm – jednostranný - vnútorný

Rozmer: 47cm x 46cm x 12cm
Pixel pitch: 7.62mm
Počet LED diód: 1280
Komunikačné rozhranie : RS232

Lekárenský LED kríž 60cm – obojstranný - vonkajší

Rozmer: 63cm x 93cm x 10cm
Pixel pitch: 12.5mm
Počet LED diód: 2560
Komunikačné rozhranie : RS232, RS485, RF433MHz

Lekárenský LED kríž 80cm - obojstranný- vonkajší

Rozmer: 80cm x 112cm x 10cm
Pixel pitch: 16mm
Počet LED diód: 2560
Komunikačné rozhranie : RS232, RS485, RF433MHz



Can display current temperature (Centigrade), time, date, graphics, animations (including GIF format) and free text messages.

• Can display messages in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and many other languages.

• Operating software supports Windows Vista/XP/2000/98; English/French version software is available.

• User-friendly operating software allows user to edit/modify the text, draw/clear a picture freely, increase/decrease the speed, enlarge the characters height, make text scroll in horizontal, select among tens of font sets… All operations can be done very easily and conveniently!

• When creating a new animation, user can open existing flash files (GIF format) to get animations and just click OK to display, or he can also modify them before display.

• On/Off option allows messages to appear at predetermined hours and minutes.

• Set Bright option allows adjusting the brightness at predetermined time.

• Thin and slim display body, easily to maintain(modules can be removed and maintained from the front).

• Low power consumption.

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